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B3 Black (Sentance) practice
G3 Grey (Latanowich) practice with Coach Tom
B3 Blue (Swango) practice
B2 Green (Sidel) practice
B2 White practice
Wilmington G34-5-BL at Girls Grade 3 Red
2T Piglets (Salinas) session
2T Willows (Semler) session
3T Winnies (Mbah) session
Boys Grade 1 Green at Boys Grade 1 Blue
Coach Ellie's Farewell
B3 White (Sasongko) practice
B4 Blue (Chery) practice
G3 Red (Marable) practice
G3 White (Dixon) practice
G56 White (Calvert) practice
G56 Blue (Boreiko) practice
Hold for IST
G56 Grey (Beal) practice
  • Wednesday, 5:00pm EST-6:30pm EST   Ical event icon
  • I'm trying to find a time for us to meet one more time for a practice & planning for the Soccerween Tournament. The only day I can do this week is Wed., 11/6. Please RSVP right away so I can get an idea of how many can make it. The time is flexible, so chat me if a later/earlier time is more convenient. Thanks, Kate
  • East Somerville Field
  • Event Category: Meeting, Game
B4 Blue (Chery) practice
Charlestown 5/6-1 at Girls Grade 5/6 Blue
Charlestown B34-3 at Boys Grade 3 White
Burlington B56-4 at Boys Grade 5/6 Grey
B3 Black (Sentance) practice
Wilmington G34-7 at Girls Grade 3 White
G56 White (Calvert) practice
Boys Grade 4 Grey at Boys Grade 4 White
Medford B 3/4-5 at Boys Grade 3 Black
Stoneham B56-1 at Boys Grade 5/6 Red
Tufts women's soccer vs. Amherst (NESCAC semifinal)
Medford B 3/4-1 at Boys Grade 4 Blue
SYSL Volunteers at SYSL Volunteers
  • Sunday, 4:30pm EST   Ical event icon
  • All SYSL volunteers (this means you, coaches!) are invited to come play in this traditional, friendly end-of-season game at Capuano Field. All ages and abilities are welcomed!
  • Capuano Field
  • Event Category: Meeting, Game
Postseason Volunteers Social
  • Sunday, 6:15pm EST-9:00pm EST   Ical event icon
  • Fall 2019 SYSL Volunteers are invited to join us for some pizza, wings, and a drink or two to celebrate another season in the books.
  • Casey's Tavern - 173 Broadway
  • Event Category: Meeting, Game