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SPRING 2024 Registration IS NOW CLOSED FOR TYKES, IN-TOWN & TRAVEL.  registration remains open for our just for kicks clinic.


Click here for more information on our Spring 2024 Just For Kicks Clinic, which will take place each Thursday for six weeks beginning on April 25 through June 6.

Registration for Goalkeeper Clinics will open for Grades 1-8 closer to the season's start date.

Program Basics

Tykes (Toddler 2T/3T) Pre-K/Kindergarten Grade 1 & 2 Travel (Grades 3-8) High School (Grades 9-PG)
Minimum Age Must turn two by April 1, 2024 Entering Kindergarten in Fall 2024 Entering Grade 1 in Fall 2023 Entering Grade 3 in Fall 2023 Current Grade 9
Maximum Age Entering Kindergarten in Fall 2025 Entering Kindergarten in Fall 2023 Entering Grade 2 in Fall 2023 Entering Grade 8 in Fall 2023 Postgrad (2023 HS graduate)
Programs Offered Co-Ed Co-Ed Girls, Co-Ed Girls, Co-Ed Girls, Co-Ed - Two levels, Grades 9/10 & Grades 11+
Practices Begin N/A (games only) April 15 April 15 March 18 March 25
First Games April 17 (Wednesdays), April 20 (Saturdays) April 20 April 20 April 6 April 21
Season Ends June 12 (Wednesdays), June 22 (Saturdays) June 22 June 22 June 8 June 9 (Postseason ends June 23)
Primary Field(s) Tufts Triangle (Wednesdays); Hodgkins (Saturdays); Nunziato (Saturdays) Tufts Triangle East Somerville, Winter Hill, Nunziato, Trum Aux, West Somerville Capuano (Grades 3 & 4); Conway, Healey, Trum or Dilboy (Grades 5 & 6); Conway, Foss or Dilboy (Grades 7-8) Dilboy, Foss or Conway
Practices One 45-minute session on Wednesday afternoons or Saturday mornings One 60-minute weeknight session One 60-minute weeknight session per week Two 60- to 90-minute weeknight sessions per week Two 60- to 90-minute weeknights
Games - Four 10-minute quarters on Saturday mornings Four 10-minute quarters on Saturday mornings Two 25-minute halves (Grades 3 & 4); two 30-minute halves (Grades 5 & 6); two 35-minute halves (Grades 7 & 8) -- usually on Saturday mornings; half of games in Somerville and half in nearby towns Two 40-minute halves
Registration Fee $85 ($30 late fee after March 1) $110 ($30 late fee after March 1) $110 ($30 late fee after March 1) $145 ($50 late fee after March 1) $145 ($50 late fee after March 1)
Uniform Fee Not Required In-Town Uniform (PUMA Team Rise) In-Town Uniform (PUMA Team Rise) Travel Uniform (PUMA Liga 25) Travel Uniform (PUMA Liga 25)


SYS offers three In-Town programs based on age:

Tykes (formerly Toddler)
The Tykes program consists of a weekly hour-long session, with parents frequently taking part alongside their children. The goal is getting youngsters familiar with the game while keeping them engaged and entertained. For more information, and frequently asked questions, see the Tykes program page. This is a Co-Ed program.

Grade Pre-K & Grade Kindergarten (U5/U6)
We introduce Saturday games at Triangle Field -- with no score being kept -- in addition to a weekly practice for co-ed teams split by kindergarten start date. Games are small-sided (4v4, with smaller goals and no goalkeepers) and there is a continued emphasis on getting kids as many touches as possible.  This is a Co-Ed program.

Grade 1 & Grade 2 (U7/U8)
Teams are split into Girls and Co-Ed, with both split by grade level. Each team practices once a week and plays one unscored game each Saturday, with the introduction of the concepts of passing and teamwork. Games remain small-sided, with slightly larger goals and  the introduction of goalkeepers.

Our Travel program continues player development with competitive, scored games against other Middlesex Youth Soccer League (MYSL) towns. Players are placed on teams based on skill level, as determined by coach feedback, field evaluations, and feedback collected by our Academy Instructors. Teams in Grades 5-13 in Divisions 1 and 2 are eligible to participate in the state-wide Massachusetts Tournament of Champions playoffs, based on their regular season record.

Teams practice twice a week on weeknights and play games generally on Saturdays, typically with half of the games played in Somerville and half played in nearby towns.

Somerville offers Girls and Co-Ed travel teams. In accordance with MYSL Rule 15.c, all Co-Ed teams play in the "boys" division.

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