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Parent Code of Conduct

I will be respectful in every interaction with my child’s coach(es), teammates, and teammates’ parents, opposing coaches, opponents, and opponents’ parents.

I will leave the coaching to my child’s coach(es) and I will encourage my child before, during, and after practices and games, speaking positively to them.

I will emphasize the process of improving as a player over outcomes like scoring a goal or the game result.

I will recognize good plays by either team during games with cheering or applause.

I will not use negative, disparaging, abusive, or inappropriate language at any of my child’s practices or games.

I will not address game officials (referees) at any point for any reason or express disagreement with their decisions, nor will I criticize their performance to them, the players, or other parents.

I will prioritize being on time for practices and games, ensuring that my child is ready to participate at the starting time.

I will communicate any absences for practices or games to my child’s coach(es) as early as possible.

Unless it is a safety issue, I will wait 24 hours after practice or a game to contact my child’s coach to raise an issue with them.

If I have any issues or criticisms with my child’s teammate or another parent, I will contact the coach(es) about this after 24 hours have passed. I will not directly address the child’s teammate nor the parent.